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600 Ft (472 Ft + ÁFA)
Termék címkék: CHELA-MAG B6 FORTE SHOT, Olimp


600 Ft (472 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó: Olimp Sport Nutrition
Kiszerelés: 25 ml
Egységár: 24,00 Ft/ml
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
25 ml


Daily recommended dose: consume the contents of 1 ampoule (25 ml) once a day after a meal or otherwise upon consulting a doctor. Shake before use. The daily recommended dose should not be exceeded. A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for diversified diet. A balanced alimentation method and healthy lifestyle are also recommended.



When you need magnesium quick!

The first dietary supplement in the world containing a highly absorbable liquid form of magnesium in the form of amino acid chelate ALBIONŽ. The strong single dose of 375 mg of pure magnesium ions meets 100% of the human body's daily demand for this mineral. The mega dose of magnesium is enriched with vitamin B6, which intensifies its absorption and strengthens its effect. The utilisation of innovative Liquid Technology formula enables immediate absorption of active ingredients contained in the liquid form without the delay typical for pills or capsules. And all this in a handy 25 ml ampoule guaranteeing exceptional convenience of use and possibility of taking it any time.

How does Chela Mag B6Ž Forte SHOT work?

Magnesium is frequently called the element of life and energy and is included in the group of macro mineral elements, for which the body shows an increased daily demand. This element is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions taking place in our cells every day. This mineral participates in the active transport of various ingredients through cell membranes and contributes to maintaining the appropriate balance between sodium and potassium. Magnesium is necessary for the daily work of our muscles and efficient operation of the nervous system. This mineral also supports the operation of the heart and entire cardiovascular system. However the main function of magnesium concerns its participation in the synthesis of basic energy carriers in the organism (ATP). The production of energy required for the daily functioning of a human body is ineffective without the presence of the right amount of this mineral. And this is the reason why we feel tired. That's why the daily supplementation of magnesium is so important. The supplement in the form of vitamin B6 increases absorption of magnesium and very frequently intensifies and enables the proper performance of the metabolic processes in which this mineral participates.

What are the advantages of Chela Mag B6Ž Forte SHOT?

Chela Mag B6Ž Forte SHOT provides a powerful single dose of magnesium meeting 100% of the body's daily demand for this element. This is the only preparation in the world offering such a high dose of magnesium in the form of very well absorbable amino acid chelate ALBIONŽ, whose absorption rate has been additionally increased by using Liquid Technology. This enables immediate absorption of magnesium into the blood circulation system without the delay typical for pills or capsules.

Chela Mag B6Ž Forte SHOT beats all other products not just with the speed of its action, but also with the unique flavours: orange and cherry.

The convenient ampoule allows maximum comfort of use:
- easily digestible form at any time
- no need to take many capsules or pills
- can be taken any time
- easy carrying and transport

Who is Chela Mag B6Ž Forte SHOT for?

The preparation is dedicated for recreationally exercising individuals and professional sportsmen. Chela Mag B6Ž Forte SHOT is definitely dedicated to the individual constantly exposed to environmental stress living in a constant hurry, professionally active, whose job is associated with a high level of responsibility and risk, mentally and/or physically challenging for the body. Chela Mag B6Ž Forte SHOT can definitely be recommended for any individual who has problems with excessive reaction to the stimuli feeling the resulting importunities. The preparation is specifically recommended for individuals who cannot or do not want to take many pills or capsules.


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